Eindhoven, The Netherlands

A disconnection with tradition; a disconnection with nature; a disconnection with death. Absence is present in our modern world.
        There exists many cultures that deal with death very differently to the modern western culture. Partly to do with medical advancement, partly to do with funeral businesses that have grown, and partly to do with the mind manipulating media, we live in a death denying society.
        We hide away. We fear death on many emotional levels, but exactly what? What about the death of flowers?
        Cocoji is the Korean art of flower arranging. This art of flower arranging has evolved from a Buddhist offering to an activity that enriches the mind and everyday life. It is to reflect on life and death.
        When doing Cocoji, the nature-culture dualism is very much apparent, as is the Dutch flower industry, Royal Flora Holland. Cocoji is more than just arranging flowers beautifully. It reflects the mind of the creator. Your intention dictates where you place it. Cocoji has survived different ages in history, constantly transforming itself with the changing times. So this project is a guide, a tool (the act of cocoji) to self reflect on the things we dismiss. 
        We can use cocoji as a modern form of self reflection on the conventional ideas around deaths. The act of cocoji gives the time and space to reflect on death. By keeping the traditions of cocoji and implementing it into our modern day lives, we are able to learn about our own deaths, as well as the deaths of other life forms. 

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