Seoul, South Korea

Fortune Telling:  A  biomolecular  study on “I know everything happens for a reason but what the f*ck.”
        The anxiety and indecisiveness brought about the constant overthinking of ‘what if?’ and having to face the unknown, uncertainty, and the curiosity, is the reason why people go to fortune tellers - the psychological stability, to be mentally and physically prepared for what is going to happen in the future.
        As with fortune telling, we are subjects of fate. We are born into a world at a biologically predetermined time, in a particular place, to specific parents, of a specific gender, and with innate traits, talents. The universe is deterministic. We are not the author of our own actions because everything is caused by something prior.
        This speculative project investigates the scientific realms of cell fate and fortune telling. The biological reasoning on a molecular scale for your daily indecisiveness and to deal with your fears of your unknown life trajectories, along with an at home fortune telling blood test kit that prepares you for you future hardships in life. 

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