London, UK

Located amid the Georgian facade of the Inns of Court on Chancery Lane, this project is a redevelopment of an anomaly bookshop and a home for the owner.
        It serves for a unique translation of the books through experience in the pockets of spaces divided into sections through a set of rules. Driven by the idea of the literature group, Oulipo, and especially with Georges Perec, I designed a building through structural constraints and the anomalies created when doing so.
        The bookshop of these untranslatable typologies is to be part of an unspoken pleasure behind the facade of the legal profession sector of London.


  1. Site restriction – do not block grade 2 listed building.
  2. Flip in x axis, rotate to align to point on right, front corner.
  3. Delete parts that come outside the original building site.
  4. Contour horizontally every 30cm.
  5. Contour vertically, offset inwards every 30cm.
  6. Extend outer corners of vertical lines to edge of building.
  7. Create horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  8. Overlap x and y to create grid.
  9. Follow in a stair-like system from each outer corner inwards.

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